In 2008, Rick was in his first year of film school when his neighbors, Mel and Carey, asked if he would be willing to help them to start a family. He agreed, and after having some conversations and signing a contract, officially became their known donor. During the first pregnancy, Rick became interested in personal documentaries and asked Mel and Carey if they would be willing to let him make a film about their process of becoming mothers. At the time, the three thought they were making a film that would be informative for other people starting families in similar circumstances. However, while filming was underway, Rick, Mel, and Carey all ended up needing each others’ help in ways they hadn’t previously anticipated. Rick looked to Mel and Carey for support during his divorce, Mel and Carey shared their frustrations with the North Carolina legal system’s stance on same-sex parenting, and the three began to trust each other because of and despite the unconventional circumstances in which they met.  After three years, what began as a film school project evolved into a personal narrative of emotional growth, risk, and change that explores boundaries and the gray area Between Friends and Family.

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