A barrel of laughs

What is the meaning of the idiom be a barrel of laughs?

is very funny

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Where does barrel of laughs come from?

?Enslaved Africans were not allowed to laugh on some plantations, and so, in an act of defiance and as a mode of survival, they often stuck their heads into barrels in order to laugh out of sight and out of earshot of white slavers. This, apparently, is where we get the term ?barrel of laughs.??

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Is a bundle of laughs?

a barrel/bundle of ?laughs (informal, often ironic) very amusing; a lot of fun: Life hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs lately. See also: a barrel of laughs.

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Where does the saying barrel of laughs?

Origin of ?Barrel of Laughs?

The phrase ?barrel of laughs? was first used in the early 20th century in a British newspaper, Burnley News, in its publication of October 1924.

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What is the synonym of barrel?

nounrounded container for liquids. barrel. barrelet. butt. firkin.

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Who coined the phrase he who laughs last laughs best?

Like so many, this proverb has been traced to John Heywood’s 1546 book of proverbs, the second collection he edited on the subject. Many variations exist including ‘a last laugh is the best laugh’, he who laughs last, laughs longest, he who weeps least, weeps best, and so on.

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Why do I fall when I laugh?

Cataplexy happens when your muscles suddenly go limp or significantly weaken without warning. You may experience cataplexy when you feel a strong emotion or emotional sensation. This can include crying, laughing, or feeling angry. You may find yourself falling over or losing control over your facial expressions.

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Why is it called a bundle of joy?

Usually, the term bundle of joy refers to a new baby that has been welcomed into an eager family. The exact origin of the idiom bundle of joy is unknown, but is an obvious reference to the fact that a newborn baby is usually swaddled with a blanket so that it appears to be a bundle.

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What is a spark of joy?

Spark: A trace of a specified quality or intense feeling. and ?joy? from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Joy : a feeling of great happiness: a source or cause of great happiness : something or someone that gives joy to someone. When looking at these definitions, ?spark of joy? seems simple enough, right?

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What is a spiritual spark?

In Gnosticism, the divine spark is the portion of God that resides within each human being. The purpose of life is to enable the Divine Spark to be released from its captivity in matter and reestablish its connection with, or simply return to, God, who is perceived as being the source of the Divine Light.

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