Why you should and should not use a canister filter for 100 gallon tank?

Canister filters is one of the most popular filters used by aquarium hobbyists for large aquarium. I have tried almost every filter for my 100 gallon fish tank and my canister filters have always been good to me but there are also some drawback from this type of filter that make me began to weigh the other options.

I noticed a lot of people using canister filters, and if you are looking for the best 100 gallon aquarium filter, you can consider to get one. This post are pros and cons of canister filter, once you understand the benefits and drawback of using it, the choice is much easier.

#1 Pros

Canister filter require less effort of maintenance than most other types of filter as you can easy access it. This is also useful if there is ever an issue. I keep mine in its own compartment under my tank. Due to this, canister filter also allows you to clean and change the type of filter media depend on your need.

Most canister filter provide enough space for the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the tank. These bacterial play an important role to keep the aquarium squeaky clean.

Canister filters are much more reliable and provide high performance as cleans the tank more efficiently than most other type of filters. Canister filter can totally accommodate aquariums 100 gallons and even more.

The most acttractive point of canister for me is that it allow you to choose the media filter that you want. You can mix and match, ensuring your fish and other aquatic creatures have the proper filtration that they need.

Most canister filters are quiet operation, especially if you tuck them away in a cabinet. You could even insulate the cabinet on the inside to make it even quieter.

#2 Cons

Canister filters are usually not have the delicate design. With the large body, if you don’t have the right set up, it will stand out in your tank. It is better to buid a carbinet under your tank to hide it off to the side.

It is quite easy to get the canister unit that is too powerful than your tank need. Your fish may get shock or stress in the tank with too powerful filter. Remember to check the size of canister before decide to buy or get the device with adjustable flow rate button.

I would like to recommed canister filter to anyone who have around 100 gallons tank size. But if your tank is under 50 gallons, it is better to go with HOB filter instead.

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