How to choose the best 4 slice toaster 2020?

Beside omelette, sandwiches, bread toast is the versatile and the most consumed dish for breakfast in every family. Due to this, the toaster becomes an absolutely essential device in the model kitchen.
With 2 slice toaster, it will get hard to provide enough toasts in the least amount of time. This why you need to buy a 4 slice toaster which helps you save a lot of time in the morning.
We all know that 4 slice toasters are one of the most popular devices in the kitchen, so what makes the best 4 slice toaster 2020? In this article, we will bring you the guide for choosing the right toaster for you.

#1 Material

The first thing to consider after buying your 4 slice toaster is material. This factor will affect the result and quality of your toaster.
Stainless steel is an idea and high-quality material because it is durable, dirt-resistant easy to clean up. But it tends to scratches, take you more attention when using.
The material must be a non-corrosive substance and do not rust out by time when exposed to air and water. A stainless steel slicer with a cover layer by glossy chrome can do it well.

#2 Extra function

There are many extra functions that could be contained in one device, this may the standard for choosing your best 4 slice toaster.
Some settings such as bagel, defrost, reheat, keep warm will help you solve much trouble in cooking. While functions like accurate timers, working temperature, toasting modes, etc will ensure you will make the perfect toasts.

#3 Easy to clean

You will surely want to keep your toaster clean, the toaster comes with a removable crumb tray will save you a lot of time cleaning instead of turn the toaster upside down.