What is the best automatic incubator? 

You are planning to have a poultry farm, but you do not have a hen to hatching. Before starting your dream of rear a chicken family, you should provide them some essential requests. One of those things is the best automatic incubator.

Chicken eggs need a lot of care. Choosing the right automatic incubator will affect a successful egg hatch rate.

What is an incubator?

Hatching is a process that needs factors such as humidity, time, turning eggs, temperature. The best incubator will come handy in hatching eggs while responding to those factors. For example, hatching eggs will need ideal humidity of about 50% most of the time.

Besides, people also use the incubator to define the heath of chicken eggs or duck and bird eggs as well.

We recommend you to buy an incubator that comes with automatic egg turner, that will allow you to control temperature and prevents the sticking of the embryo to the inner shell of the egg.

Manual or Automatic

If you are wonder between manual and automatic incubators, the automatic one is always the best incubator.

You need to turn the egg twice a day. The automatic incubator will do it for you at the right time, automatically adjust temperatures, all you need to do is add more water every few days.

Not just saving your time, an automatic incubator also ensures the accuracy and efficiency when hatching eggs.


There are different sizes of the incubator that go along with the capacities of them. The bigger an incubator is, the more eggs it is can maintain. The capacities of one device can range from three eggs to hundreds of eggs.

If you have a large poultry farm with multiple chickens, you should buy a bigger incubator. The bigger one also comes with complicated features such as passive heat and automatic regulate temperature and humidity.

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