How to choose best flat bottom carbon steel wok?

A wok is one of the most multifunctional kitchen utensils you may know. It can be fried, steamed and deep-fried with the least amount of oil possible.

This is a kitchen appliance that is popularly known for making Chinese dishes. And sure enough, you can invest in a wok to make Chinese and other dishes.

Currently, a carbon steel wok is gradually becoming a popular choice because it can spread heat evenly and extremely durable.

However, how do you choose a best flat bottom carbon steel wok without much experience?

Don’t worry, refer to some of the criteria we have summarized below:

#1 Size

Size is one of the characteristics that you should consider before buying a wok. The size of wok depends on the frequency of use, personal preferences and the type of food you can make with wok.

If you use wok for commercial kitchens, a large wok is a good choice. If you’re using a home kitchen, a small or medium-sized wok is a good choice.

#2 Non-stick

The non-stick layer is one of the factors that helps food not stick on the wok. You should choose a wok with non-stick layer to make your cooking easier.

#3 Handle

The handle of the wok is a part that you can easily adjust when cooking and is the part that keeps your hands from burns. Therefore, it should be firmly fixed with wok so as not to cause any accident.

Nowadays wok has improved the handle compared to traditional Chinese wok. It is designed with a longer handle, making it shaped like a pan.

You should choose the solid handle, which comes with a small handle on the opposite side to be easily moved.

#4 Lid

A wok with lid will make your cooking process a lot easier. There are many dishes that need to be cooked under low heat and need the help of a lid.

Therefore, you should choose woks with lid to optimize the function of this kitchen appliance.

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