How To Choose The Best Glue Gun?

Glue gun is one of the familiar devices for craft projects. This device provides convenience as well as time efficiency for large projects.

However, there are now a lot of glue gun models that can make people inexperienced get lost. Choosing the best glue gun is not easy, especially for beginners.

So we have listed for you some basic factors that you should consider before choosing the best hot glue gun:

#1 Design

The first thing you should consider with a glue gun is its design. You should choose a glue gun designed to suit your needs. You should also choose a product that can bring the most comfort when using it.

A mini glue gun will be suitable for small craft projects, while an industrial glue gun is better suited for large projects.

Mini glue machines are usually compact and lightweight. So that women or even children can use it.

Industrial glue guns are bigger and heavier. It will be quite difficult for women to use flexibly.

If the product does not provide comfort, it will only make you uncomfortable.

#2 Nozzles

Glue gun nozzle should be made of a material that can withstand heat. Because this is direct and long-term contact with high temperatures from hot glue, it needs good heat resistance.

This factor ensures the safety of users as well as ensures that the device always works with good performance.

It should also be resistant to dripping when you are not using glue gun.

#3 Heating capacity

Heating ability is one of the factors determining the flexibility of a glue gun. You should choose a glue gun that can adjust the heating ability to fit the materials in your project.

For example, plastic, glass and other hard materials need a high glue temperature to bond well. Meanwhile, low glue temperature will not damage the fabric, leather or thin materials.

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