How to properly use best mag fed paintball guns?

The best mag fed paintball guns are not recommended for beginners and are only designed for players who are experienced at the game of paintball. And if you are looking for something more challenging and stimulating in you paintball game, then the best mag fed paintball guns are prefect for you.

If you not really know how to properly use and choose the mag fed paintball gun, keep reading our post.

#1 Ensure you carry multiple magazines by your side

The reason that make mag fed paintball gun a popular option for some tournaments. Mag fed paintball markers offer a much more limited ammo capacity than normal paintball guns. Although there is a different in the number of rounds per magazine, these guns can usually hold from seven to thirty rounds individual paintball pods in a magazine.

This is why you should ensure you carry multiple magazines on your person while playing. Therefore, your tactical clothing and also your hardness should include a lot of pocket and plenty room to carry as many additional magazines as you possible. However, remember that some tournament games and certain gameplay scenarios may have a rule to limit the number of magazines you can keep on your person at one time.

#2 Dual loading functionality

You should consider to get a mag fed paintball gun that offers dual loading functionality. Unless you have one or more conventional paintball markers in your arsenal, Dual feed unit may not really need. The dual feed guns will support you to load magazine also allow you to use conventional hopper loaders.

Gravity-assisted hoppers will come in handle as it allows you carry more paintballs before refeeding. It obvious that dual feed paintball markers are usually more expensive than the stripped-back one, but due to its wider functionality it will worth the price.

#3 Accessories rail

It is always better to get the mag fed markers that come with at least one accessories rail as standard. Normally, the good paintball marker will provide plenty of scope for adjustments and upgrades.

Even if your mag fed markers is already equipped with essential extras, you also want to add more scopes, sights and lasers to your weapon.