How to choose the best pots for stews?

The stew is one of the indispensable dishes in the family meal menu. The stew is great for changing your taste buds after greasy, fried foods.

And to help you make a great stew, you’ll need the help of the best pots for stews. This pot will save you time and effort when cooking a stew.

Currently on the market there are many types of pots for stew, so that you may feel lost at the amount of this information.

So here we are to help you figure out how to choose the best pot to stew. Some of the following are things that you should consider:

#1 Size

You should choose the size of the pot according to the purpose and needs of the family.

Pots for tunnels usually range in size from 8 to 20 quarts, a large family will need a larger sized pot and vice versa.

Or you also need to consider the case of your family or party, meals gathered with relatives, a pot for a large stew is essential.

#2 Weight

The weight of the pot depends on the material that makes it, you should choose the pot with a moderate weight to be able to easily move it and also help it more balanced.

In general, a heavy stew pot will also be difficult for you to store and clean. A pot too light will not keep the stew best quality.

#3 Handle

The handle should be securely fixed to the body of the pot so you can move it safely. And the handle should also be made of materials that do not easily rust or melt when exposed to high temperatures.

#4 Lid

You should choose the size of the lid fits in the pot so that it can maintain good quality for the stew.

There are usually two types of lids, one with the same material as the pot and one with a glass lid. Regardless of the lid, it’s important that they fit the pot perfectly.

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