What are the survival uses of a wool blanket?

The best wool blankets for survival is one of the handiest survival tool that you should always carry by your side in every trip. The wool blanket is not simple helps you stay warm during the night. There are much more thing it can do such as make a shelter, help a shock victim, stamp out the fire, etc.

It can be a little heavy than other modern blankets but it can be extremely versatile and affordable. This post will help you learn more about the value of wool blankets that you can make full use of its ability.

#1 Keep you warm even when wet

Providing warmth is one of the primary missions of the survive blanket It will retain your body temperature. Not only that, wool also wicks away the water, unlike cotton, wool can keep your warm even under wettest conditions.

When you are covered by the wool blanket outdoor, it will help you block the wind. This is because wool is a natural textile fiber gleaned from sheep, cashmere or mohair from goats. Wool is comprised of hollow fibers, which you wouldn’t be able to get with other synthetic fiber.

#2 Wool is a natural fire retardant

Does not need any specially treated, wool can repel the fire. This make it especially useful in an emergency. Wool blanket made from a natural fiber so it won’t easily catch on fire. A blanket that is 100% wool and that’s not treated with any additional flame retardant chemicals is naturally fire resistant Unless you have an allergy to wool, it will be a great natural fire resistant cloth for you.

If there is a large fire that is burning very high and no fire retardants, cover yourself by a wool blanket and it helping minimize burn injuries and even save your life. It also may get a little burn hole but not noticeable.

#3 Create a Sleeping bag or shelter with a wool blanket

A wool blanket can be use as the ground cover, padding ore insulation layer in the winter that protect you from the wind. In case if you cannot create a fire, the wool blanket can be the only solution that keep you warm.

Create the shelter by wool blanket by use a wool blanket like a tarp between a couple of trees to block the wind or shelter you from the rain. To create the sleeping bag, spread out the blanket to the ground and then lay down diagonally on the blanket. Wrap your feet with the tip of the blanket first, then pull the sides inward around your body like the way you swaddle the baby.

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