Can you use a meat thermometer for sugar?

When it comes to making candy, the temperature is the most important factor that decide your success. Each recipe requires its own temperature, but not everyone has the best sugar thermometer lying around in their kitchen. This raises the question that “can a meat thermometer be used for candy?”

Although some meat thermometer can really use for making candy. However, I do not recommend you to do this. This is because of the difference between them.

#1 Temperature range

Meat does not require the temperature as high as candy to be cooked well. This is why meat thermometers have a lower temperature range than that of a candy thermometer. Normally, a meat thermometer can measure the maximum temperature at 200°F. While a candy thermometer is used to measure temperatures up to 400°F.

#2 design

They’re both useful kitchen tools to measure cooking temperature and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they have different design. A meat thermometer resembles a pointed stick attached to a dial that contains the temperature. The pointed end of a meat thermometer is designed to stick into a large cut of chicken or meat, as opposed to the rounded end of a candy thermometer.

While most sugar thermometers are going to be longer and thinner. This allow you to check the temperature of the boiling sugar prevent you are burned by bubbling or splashing. The design is also a critical factor to keep in mind when shopping for the thermometer.

#3 Purposes

A sugar thermometer is commonly used when making hard and soft candy. These candies all start with sugar and then cooked to a specific stage such as “softball” or “hard crack.” A sugar thermometer also used when preparing oil for deep frying. Some deep-fried receipt will require proper temperature of oil- typically 350°F to 375°F. This is most meal thermometer cannot be used for these cases.

By contrast, a meat thermometer come to handle for checking the temperature of beef tenderloin, roasted turkey, grilled chicken breasts, whole roasted fish, and more. These meat products usually need to be cook to a temperature 145°F to 170°F. It is very rarery for thr meat to go above 100°C during normal cooking process.

What are the survival uses of a wool blanket?

The best wool blankets for survival is one of the handiest survival tool that you should always carry by your side in every trip. The wool blanket is not simple helps you stay warm during the night. There are much more thing it can do such as make a shelter, help a shock victim, stamp out the fire, etc.

It can be a little heavy than other modern blankets but it can be extremely versatile and affordable. This post will help you learn more about the value of wool blankets that you can make full use of its ability.

#1 Keep you warm even when wet

Providing warmth is one of the primary missions of the survive blanket It will retain your body temperature. Not only that, wool also wicks away the water, unlike cotton, wool can keep your warm even under wettest conditions.

When you are covered by the wool blanket outdoor, it will help you block the wind. This is because wool is a natural textile fiber gleaned from sheep, cashmere or mohair from goats. Wool is comprised of hollow fibers, which you wouldn’t be able to get with other synthetic fiber.

#2 Wool is a natural fire retardant

Does not need any specially treated, wool can repel the fire. This make it especially useful in an emergency. Wool blanket made from a natural fiber so it won’t easily catch on fire. A blanket that is 100% wool and that’s not treated with any additional flame retardant chemicals is naturally fire resistant Unless you have an allergy to wool, it will be a great natural fire resistant cloth for you.

If there is a large fire that is burning very high and no fire retardants, cover yourself by a wool blanket and it helping minimize burn injuries and even save your life. It also may get a little burn hole but not noticeable.

#3 Create a Sleeping bag or shelter with a wool blanket

A wool blanket can be use as the ground cover, padding ore insulation layer in the winter that protect you from the wind. In case if you cannot create a fire, the wool blanket can be the only solution that keep you warm.

Create the shelter by wool blanket by use a wool blanket like a tarp between a couple of trees to block the wind or shelter you from the rain. To create the sleeping bag, spread out the blanket to the ground and then lay down diagonally on the blanket. Wrap your feet with the tip of the blanket first, then pull the sides inward around your body like the way you swaddle the baby.

The Basic Principle Of Using UVB Reptile Light

It is cannot deny that there are lots of benefits from the best uvb bulb. However, there are some things that you should consider when using UVB reptile light in your enclosure. Because the improper supplying and oversupplying UV rays can cause harm for your pets. This may not happen immediately but over time.

There are some disadvantages of UVB light bulbs for humans such as burning skin, tissue damage for skin and eyes, reptiles also can get this problem if they bask in highly-concentrated UVB rays. Therefore, you should keep in mind some rules when providing UVB rays for your reptiles.

Considerations you should know about UVB reptile light

Not all the UVB bulbs available out there are the same. Some compact and coil UVB bulbs may harm your pet. Choosing UVB bulbs from a trustworthy brand. Price often indicates quality. Do not save your money by choosing cheap and unsafe UVB bulbs.

Almost all the UVB bulbs should be replaced after 6-12 months of use.

It is important to research your reptiles UVB requirement. Different species of reptiles will require different levels of UVB. For example, nocturnal animals like leopard geckos or crested geckos are zone 1. Bearded dragons and other diurnal lizards are zone 4.

The amount of UVB also depends on the natural environment of reptiles. For the tropical species such as chameleons, they will need the bulb that emits from 13 to 30W per square. Desert reptiles will need the bulb that emits from 13 to 150W per spare.

That means you should not use less than 13 microwatts of UVB bulb since it is likely incapable of providing enough amount of UVB for your reptiles.

What bulbs is emit above 150 microwatts is considered a danger for reptiles in the enclosure.

Most glass and plastic tank walls will block UVB rays. Do not place the UVB bulbs outside the tank, you also should use the screen lid for your reptile’s tank.

There are no bulbs that should be placed closer to 6 inches with the reptiles. 12 inches is the standard minimum distance for the tube bulbs.

Ensure that you provide the gradient temperature inside the tank, which allow your pets to regulate their body temperature depending on their need.

You will do not need UVB bulbs if you take your reptiles outside and allow them to expose under the natural sunlight for about 20 minutes per day.

Seed Bank

If you are an organic beginner gardener, you need reliable seed sources to start your seed bank. Even if you don’t want to save seeds, a lot of people are worried about their seed sources and want to stay away from genetically modified seeds. How do you know that the seeds you buy are safe and good for organic farming?

Farms: the first place to look are research farms; H. Private research farms dedicated to the search for and application of sound ecological techniques.

Seed companies: Second, look for seed companies engaged in the sale of open-pollinated seeds. Open pollination occurs when plants can reproduce through wind, birds and bees. Hybrid seeds are not bad. Hybrids are hybrids of two or more plants raised by their strengths. For example, a farmer takes a tomato that usually lasts longer against certain diseases in his region and then grows it with a variety that is known to produce early. If it occurs early, you never have a chance to develop a disease. Both properties form a strong variety that was introduced to the market early. Many other farmers may like the variety and want to buy some of the seeds. Well, you have to buy seeds from the original breeder, unless you know the exact varieties of which the variety was made.

Choice: Third, choose three or four companies to match the bill. Ask for something from everyone. It doesn’t have to be a big job. Just order something small, measure customer service and seeds. Plant and see what happens. If you are satisfied, you can have several sources of seeds. The three seed companies I use are Johnny’s selected seeds, the abundant gardens, and the southern seed exchange. I am not affiliated with these companies. However, they offer excellent customer service, ship quickly and deliver on their promises.

Market Growers: Another great source of seeds are market growers who deal with organic and open pollinated seeds. These boys and girls are growing especially for the market. If you buy their products that contain seeds, you will have seeds for your garden next season.

Enthusiastic gardeners: These are their serious types, people who also work in the garden in the cold of winter. If they are dedicated to openly pollinated seeds, they can be a great source of information and a great resource to help you start your own seed bank. They often have more seeds that can possibly grow in one season.

Open pollinated seeds are a great way to preserve and expand the variety of our vegetables. They don’t just grow beets and beans. You learn a skill that feeds you and your family.

Buying Guide: Best Scope for Mp15-22

The smith and wesson m&p 15-22 scope is a great option. The rifle is easy to fire, but it might be hard to aim at a target correctly. The m&p 15-22 scope has all the advantages that people come to expect. Hunters can target game out in the field with more precision. That allows them to hunt with confidence and take just a few shots. Sometimes, it is important to hit a target on the first shot. The best scope for mp15-22 is going to be a great investment. Trust the design of the scope and learn a little about how it will work as well.

The details will convince many people to try the M&P 15-22 scope. That addition will simply connect to the top of the extant rifle. That makes it easy to install and even simpler to fire in the field. The smith and wesson M&P 15-22 scope is well designed too. It is lightweight and will not take long to install in to place. The right scope is perfectly suited for a reliable rifle too. Carry the kit around in the field and avoid getting weighed down by extraneous parts. The light weight and sleek design of the scope makes it popular. That helps convince new users to give the M&p 15-22 scope a try.

Think about the price tag for the smith and wesson M&P 15-22 scope. True collectors of guns will appreciate having a scope on hand. The scope is preferred because it meets a lot of new requirements. The price reflects the real value of the best scope for mp15-22 rifles. The collectors will be eager to try their hand at an accurate weapon. They can also order it through an online retailer. That offers a speedy shopping option for dedicated new buyers.

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Between Friends & Family

In 2008, Mel and Carey asked their neighbor, Rick, to help them start a family. They planned to alternate the birth mom role and eventually have two children, and they were looking for someone willing to be a donor for both pregnancies. Rick agreed and began documenting their evolving relationship, a project that three years later became a personal documentary that explores boundaries and the gray area Between Friends & Family.


Each living creature has a lifetime war between the “bad” free radicals and the “good” antioxidants. In the course of the most recent 20 years, this war was frequently under the media spotlight. Consequently, the overall population becoming worried about it and tried to build their veggie or food intake. Use a Hemp Oil for Pain Relief on Amazon, nothing too drying. Free radicals are terrible for our wellbeing—as we all seem to know—and sadly, they are going to win the war, at some point or another.


An antioxidant is a natural substance that restrains oxidation, the synthetic response that delivers the free radicals damaging the cells. We can deliver our own antioxidants up to a specific dimension, but insufficient to kill the majority of the unsafe impacts of external factors like smoke, junk food, contamination and many more. I noticed, was the refreshing and revitalizing effects of the Hemp Oil for Pain Relief on Amazon, that keep a person up and active and would not. Antioxidants give out electrons to desolate electrons in free radicals, thus making a couple that balances out the molecule and prevents the chain response impact made by stolen electrons from different molecules that debase cell usefulness. Antioxidants are substances like ascorbic acid (nutrient C), nutrient E, glutathione, lipoic acid, uric acid, carotenes, and coenzyme Q10.That is why it is essential to harvest plenty of antioxidants from food, even if it is difficult to tell the amount we really need during each phase of life. Antioxidants are a vital piece of any eating regimen for keeping up a proper function and good health since it is proven that the damage to “oxidized” cells prompts sickness and ceaseless infections. Our eating regimen ought to be based on antioxidants on antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits that help reduce cellular damage and inflammation. Whole fruits and plants are significantly more powerful than synthesized molecules or extracts, in the same way whole-plant derivatives from cannabis appear to work better than isolated cannabinoids.


Research is promising but is still stuck in the preclinical stages. Lab studies propose the antioxidants in cannabis, for example, cells, kill bacteria and enhance the elasticity of your skin. Best CBD Oil in USA and red light therapy are good for those with moderate. By the by, it is widely proven that CBD, together with all the hemp and cannabis subsidiaries, represents an effective broad-spectrum nutritional enhancement. Many say CBD is a more antioxidant than the nutrients E and C. In view of what science has shown us up until this point, we can accept it really can possibly battle free radicals all through our entire lifetime, and that most techniques for taking cannabis derivatives may give protective and antioxidant effect. We can vaporize, take capsules, or apply sublingual drops of CBD oil to profit by the cancer prevention agent properties of cannabinoids on a systematic level, while cannabis-infused creams and balms convey antioxidant compounds topically, deep into the skin’s layers.CBD and THC, may be viable against real sicknesses in people, for example, trauma and stroke, or neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Shockingly, no clinical proof dependent on logical criteria is available today, and we are a long way from a pharmacological treatment with CBD or different cannabinoids for these serious conditions

They key of maintaining a durable golf cart battery

So what is the secret to maintain an up to date and durable golf cart battery? The answer is simple; replace the water regularly. So how does this process works? A leden battery will only work at its best when the water level of the battery is sufficient enough. So now and then the fluids in the battery have to be all replaced all together. The best time to do this is when the battery is fully charged.

Some practical steps to replace the water of your golf cart battery:

  • Load the battery fully.
  • When the battery is full, put the charger and open the caps from all the different cells.
  • Controle every cel on the water level. The fluid which is in every cell is a solution of sulfuric acid. Be very careful when checking on the water level; the material you are using can be damaged by the acid. A rubber measure stick is the most ideal for checking the fluid levels.
  • Are you aware the water level is quite low, you will have to fill the fluids yourself. Take into account that desolated water can only be filled when you are not using crane water! This water has a high concentration of minerals that can damage your battery forever. Never fill the fluids with acid, this could damage the electrodes of the battery.
  • In every leden cell, the plates have to be covered in electrical fluid, ideal is a fluid level that is 1.5 centimes above the plates.

Another common mistake is how precise should you be in filling the electro fluids? We recommend to be very precise and accurate when checking the water level from your battery. This way you can measure when you should refill again. An example is always good to explain this matter: imagine you fill your battery every 2 weeks, then there will be a lot chance of forgetting this fact. Generally speaking, when high temperatures occur, the battery water should be refilled more often. A general tip: never put too many water in your battery! Wen the led plates in the cell are in contact with water to much, rust can occur. They should be 1.5 centimeters above the water level. Wen the water level is too high, the acids in the battery will come out and bite in the other parts of the car. So not to much water, but a decent level which you should check regularly!

Cast & Crew

Rick Dillwood • Director • Rick studied film at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He made a short documentary in 2009 called How to Make a Heartbeat about Mel and Carey’s first pregnancy. It premiered at aGLIFF in Austin and went on to play at Frameline in San Francisco, as well as some international festivals. The success of that project inspired Rick to continue exploring his relationship with Mel and Carey in film. Between Friends & Family is his first feature documentary.

The D-P Family • Mel and Carey moved to North Carolina in 2008 so that Mel could attend graduate school, and they decided to stay when they realized that the adoption laws in North Carolina would make it a good place to start a family. Their search for a sperm donor eventually led them to ask their neighbor, Rick, for help, and when he agreed, the three decided to document their experience. Mel and Carey hope to one day be legally married and recognized as parents of both of their children.
Carrie Hart • Associate Producer • Carrie met Rick when he was working on an early version of Between Friends & Family and she was completing her Master’s thesis on visual literacies in Women’s & Gender Studies. The two realized that they were approaching similar ideas from different perspectives and began assisting each other with their projects. Carrie is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Educational & Cultural Studies and is working with Rick to develop a web series exploring the idea of queerness as it manifests in various cultural patterns and practices.


Sean Duncan • Composer • Sean is a musician and founder of Way Grimace Records. He has been balancing electronic and acoustic textures in his music for over a decade—as the frontman of Kid Mud as well as in Thombie, his musical collaboration with Rick—but he is working exclusively with digital instrumentation in his new solo project, Seanario. Sean is currently establishing his record label and promoting his roster of artists. Between Friends & Family is the first film in which Sean’s songs have appeared.
Jacqui Haggerty • Composer • Jacqui is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and videographer who currently resides in Greensboro, NC. Since completing a degree in Media Studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, she has worked as an independent videographer and recorded with The Fair and the Foul, who recently completed production on their debut album. She created “Something Like This” as an original composition for Between Friends & Family.