Why you should build cedar wood chicken coop?

For many years, cedarwood is controversial for many chicken keepers. It is believed that there is a toxicity of cedar to chickens. Plicatic acid (a substance found in cedarwood) not safe for chickens and it cause the damage for chicken’s respiratory systems.

But it only happens when you use cedarwood as bedding for chicken since this bedding contains small dust particles and they deliver the toxins. But in contrast, building a cedar wood chicken coop brings for your chicken’s many benefits that you cannot miss:

Cedar wood is very lightweight and stable in dimension. When using many other kinds of wood outdoor, they tent to be crack and bow over time, meanwhile cedar wood is flat and pretty straight, resisting the effects of natural even along time of using.

The Western red cedar is known as its ability of thermal insulator. During the hot days of the summer season, cedar still cools when touching and it does not conduct heat into the coop. It makes the coop warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The cedar wood also has the ability to fight bacteria and fungal. They also have a natural fragrance.

There are oils that contained in Western red fibers, which play the role of natural preservatives and help it to resist rot and decay. This is the ideal facture for you to use in humid climates. Because of these features, cedar is also very durable and it has a long life, even when using outdoor in severe weather, the best backyard chicken coop can last 10-15 years or more.

The aroma of cedarwood that produced from naturally occurring organic compounds came out can make you very pleasantly. This smell can prevent insects, moths and other wood pests. Unlike white cedar, the smell of eastern red cedar is not dangerous to your chicks and hens.

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