Does hens require a rooster to lay eggs

This is a typically misguided judgment. You needn’t bother with a rooster for your hens to lay eggs, but for the eggs to be fertilized into baby chicks, a rooster will be needed. With or without a chicken nonetheless, a hen will lay eggs regardless. Is especially true if you have backaches or need a  BEST AUTOMATIC EGG INCUBATOR

A few farmers want to keep an all-female flock, and urban or rural homesteaders might not have a choice due to zoning laws that prohibit roosters. In most cases, farmers chose not to keep roosters since they can be aggressive and noisy.

When you own a rooster, you must watch your broody hens (who will sit on the eggs, trusting they will hatch), on the grounds that the eggs will begin forming into baby chicks if fertilized. A broody can be used to hatch eggs whenever you want to, but this involves some serious consideration and inspection so you don’t end up eating the eggs she’s trying to incubate.

A few farmers have no problems having a rooster on the flock since they offer some sort of protection for the flock. He will sound the alert if any danger is perceived and will also provide guard against predators.


  • They protect the flock. Roosters will protect their flock from predators, protecting them by keeping them together and sounding the alarm if a predator is close by. He will likewise defend them physically against any attack.
  • They naturally complete the flock. Chickens usually live with males and females together, so allowing this is simply allowing your chickens to live the normal way. Also, they help monitor the nest boxes, encourage egg laying, find and give treats to the hens and break up fights when they occur.
  • They’re wonderful. Chickens are exemplary farmstead symbols, and they are flawless to look at in most cases.
  • They have a great deal of identity. Presently, this can likewise be a con, but most people find that roosters are extremely engaging and fascinating animals to have around.
  • If you intend hatching chicks the natural way, then you need to have one.


  • Zoning laws. If your county or city doesn’t allow them, please stay away from them. Getting a rooster in such a place is simply asking for trouble.
  • They can be loud. Yes, they crow in the morning, evening and other inopportune times and this could be pretty annoying. Think about your neighbors’ responses, especially if you live around neighbors.
  • They can be aggressive in nature. Roosters have spurs on their ankles that can break the skin. You constantly have to teach them to believe you’re a bigger rooster and this is ideal if you want them to respect you and also if you have a lot of people coming into the farm.
  • They can wear out the hens. Chicken sex isn’t consensual, and if you own too many hens and just a few roosters (one rooster to twelve hens is okay), your hens will begin to show the wear: backs scoured clean of feathers, and they’ll be out and out exhausted. Carefully keep up your rooster to hen ration if you intend raising a healthy flock.
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