My Year In Playlist Form

Hey, long time no see! I thought I’d take this chance, at the end of the year, to announce that I’m not really blogging here anymore. I keep hoping I’ll find time to come back and do more but…it’s not happening and I’m not sure if it will. BUUUUT, I miss you all! And I’m still on twitter @TheStoryGoes_ and I’ve started a new writing blog called I’m A Writer, I Write here if you want to know what I’m up too. My only real regret this year, isn’t basically quitting blogging because I just don’t have the time for that and it started to be nothing but stress inducing, I do however regret losing touch with everyone. That wasn’t my intention and am so sorry for that. <3

Much like last year, I decided to go through my year in the form of music. I do monthly playlists so it’s easy to go back and see what I was listening too and when and a few things became obvious. One, is that it’s a really good thing I stopped working on This World In Gray, it’s a book I love, and poured my heart into but looking through the playlists from the beginning of this year when I was still working on that it was…depressing and too much like holding on to the past year that I poured into that book. It was both a hard and easy decision to let go of that book at the time, I worked on it for like two years and then just realized you know, it’s not the one. But I think that’s good. I can also clearly see my downward trajectory wherein from oh probably April to September I was pushing myself way too hard on things. That’s again reflected in some damn depressing songs from around August/September when I really noticed what I was doing and that I needed to calm down a little.

July though was all the fun, while pushing myself harder than ever in Camp NaNo I wrote some fun things and I went on a writer’s retreat with my mom and that was the best. In August I went to see Disturbed with Breaking Benjamin and that was amazing. Then I got one of the most inspiring ideas of my life, it was one of those that I kind of had to chase down and when I got it I just…knew it was going to be something special. And it all started with a song, Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling.

War of Hearts was a big song for me because I got obsessed with Shadowhunters this year and officially joined my first fandom where I’ve made some AMAZING friends, and also started writing fan fiction which proved to be really good for me.

For me the highs of my year are always marked by the fun songs, when I went through Marianas Trench phases, those were good months.

This is why I like using music to recount my year, even if I’m the only one that gets it. Because, if you’re like me, you obsessively listen to certain songs at certain times and they always kind of instill in you the feelings you felt when you were obsessed with them, if that makes any kind of sense.

So yeah. 2016, in a playlist:

And 2017, my hopes in a playlist:

How are you all? Any goals/plans for next year???
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