They key of maintaining a durable golf cart battery

So what is the secret to maintain an up to date and durable golf cart battery? The answer is simple; replace the water regularly. So how does this process works? A leden battery will only work at its best when the water level of the battery is sufficient enough. So now and then the fluids in the battery have to be all replaced all together. The best time to do this is when the battery is fully charged.

Some practical steps to replace the water of your golf cart battery:

  • Load the battery fully.
  • When the battery is full, put the charger and open the caps from all the different cells.
  • Controle every cel on the water level. The fluid which is in every cell is a solution of sulfuric acid. Be very careful when checking on the water level; the material you are using can be damaged by the acid. A rubber measure stick is the most ideal for checking the fluid levels.
  • Are you aware the water level is quite low, you will have to fill the fluids yourself. Take into account that desolated water can only be filled when you are not using crane water! This water has a high concentration of minerals that can damage your battery forever. Never fill the fluids with acid, this could damage the electrodes of the battery.
  • In every leden cell, the plates have to be covered in electrical fluid, ideal is a fluid level that is 1.5 centimes above the plates.

Another common mistake is how precise should you be in filling the electro fluids? We recommend to be very precise and accurate when checking the water level from your battery. This way you can measure when you should refill again. An example is always good to explain this matter: imagine you fill your battery every 2 weeks, then there will be a lot chance of forgetting this fact. Generally speaking, when high temperatures occur, the battery water should be refilled more often. A general tip: never put too many water in your battery! Wen the led plates in the cell are in contact with water to much, rust can occur. They should be 1.5 centimeters above the water level. Wen the water level is too high, the acids in the battery will come out and bite in the other parts of the car. So not to much water, but a decent level which you should check regularly!