The Basic Principle Of Using UVB Reptile Light

It is cannot deny that there are lots of benefits from the best uvb bulb. However, there are some things that you should consider when using UVB reptile light in your enclosure. Because the improper supplying and oversupplying UV rays can cause harm for your pets. This may not happen immediately but over time.

There are some disadvantages of UVB light bulbs for humans such as burning skin, tissue damage for skin and eyes, reptiles also can get this problem if they bask in highly-concentrated UVB rays. Therefore, you should keep in mind some rules when providing UVB rays for your reptiles.

Considerations you should know about UVB reptile light

Not all the UVB bulbs available out there are the same. Some compact and coil UVB bulbs may harm your pet. Choosing UVB bulbs from a trustworthy brand. Price often indicates quality. Do not save your money by choosing cheap and unsafe UVB bulbs.

Almost all the UVB bulbs should be replaced after 6-12 months of use.

It is important to research your reptiles UVB requirement. Different species of reptiles will require different levels of UVB. For example, nocturnal animals like leopard geckos or crested geckos are zone 1. Bearded dragons and other diurnal lizards are zone 4.

The amount of UVB also depends on the natural environment of reptiles. For the tropical species such as chameleons, they will need the bulb that emits from 13 to 30W per square. Desert reptiles will need the bulb that emits from 13 to 150W per spare.

That means you should not use less than 13 microwatts of UVB bulb since it is likely incapable of providing enough amount of UVB for your reptiles.

What bulbs is emit above 150 microwatts is considered a danger for reptiles in the enclosure.

Most glass and plastic tank walls will block UVB rays. Do not place the UVB bulbs outside the tank, you also should use the screen lid for your reptile’s tank.

There are no bulbs that should be placed closer to 6 inches with the reptiles. 12 inches is the standard minimum distance for the tube bulbs.

Ensure that you provide the gradient temperature inside the tank, which allow your pets to regulate their body temperature depending on their need.

You will do not need UVB bulbs if you take your reptiles outside and allow them to expose under the natural sunlight for about 20 minutes per day.

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